Wrestling God

Jacob: The man who was hard to bless.

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Jacob wasn’t an easy man to bless. It wasn’t that he didn’t want God to bless him. It was just that he went about it all wrong. And that is why he is so valuable to study. At his core, Jacob may be the most typical person in the Bible.

One thing is sure — he personified the chosen people, Israel. Before the Jews were called Israel, God called Jacob Israel. Given after their famous wrestling match, it means, “God prevailed.” By studying the stories of Jacob, we see how relentless God’s grace is—and can save ourselves some grief by learning how to humbly receive the blessed life God wants to give those he loves.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 27:1–45; 28:10–22; 32:22–32; Hosea 11:12–12:6

PART 1: A Man's World

Discussion Starters

PART 2: A Man's Word

Teaching point one: We pay a steep price for grabbing for the God-blessed life in the wrong way.
Teaching point two: When God has promised to bless you, he will relentlessly pursue you.
Teaching point three: Men Sooner or later, we will all face a dark night of wrestling with God over his blessing.

PART 3: A Man's Work

Action Point

Additional Resources

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