Turning Temptation into <BR>Obedience - Men of Integrity

Adam: less than perfect but still seeking after God.

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Some people have high standardsóso high, in fact, that they try to be perfect. But only one man (besides Christ) has even had the option of being perfect, and he blew his chance shortly after he was created. Why? He gave in to temptations that seemed too good to resist. As a result of Adamís sin, we all live in a fallen world that is full of temptation and imperfection.

Yet God created man in his own image, and even though this image is now tarnished by sin, it is still intact. The question we will explore in this study is how to resist the many temptations that could potentially destroy our lives, and instead reflect the image of God in a way that honors him. For answers, we look to Adam, the first man to face this dilemma, and to Jesus, the only person since Adam who has lived a blameless life.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 1Ė3; Luke 4


    • A Man's World: Learning Activity

—Read an anecdotal story about temptation.
    • A Man's Word: Sample Question

— How does knowing that you are created in Godís image help you to resist temptation?

    • A Man's Work: Sample Question

—In what ways can you see temptation in your life as Godís way of showing you that you have weaknesses that need to be addressed?

Approximate time to complete: up to 45-60 minutes

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