Take Him at His Word-<br>Men of Integrity

God and His Word are 100 percent trustworthy!

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It’s difficult to find people we can really trust. Few of us know many people we’d trust with our lives. And how many people would we trust with our eternal destinies? Fortunately, God—and what he has revealed to us about himself through his Word—merits our complete trust. He sees the big picture and the end of the story, and he wants us to trust him with every part of our lives.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Judges 6–7; Psalms 37:16–24; 145:17–21; 25:8–10; 18:30–36


    • Warming Up: The Catcher

    • Running the Race: Gideon's Store

    • Reaching the Finish Line: Stick to the Plan

Approximate time to complete: up to 45-60 minutes

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies for use in your local church.

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