In Vitro Fertilization

What value do we put on human life, even at its earliest stages?

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Infertility disheartens many couples and can cause deep pain. In almost every church are couples who desperately want to get pregnant but cannot. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a grueling and costly fertility treatment, but it has enabled many infertile couples to conceive. It seems to be an extraordinary medical breakthrough—and an answer to many desperate prayers. But many IVF patients leave behind excess embryos. As a result, a vast number of frozen embryos currently lie in cold storage. If we believe life begins at conception, what do we do with these “souls on ice”? And beyond IVF, how do we respond to other technologies that allow us to peer into the womb and see human life at its earliest stages? What do we do when these technologies identify troubling health conditions such as Down syndrome? Do we see human life as sacred, or disposable in abortion or embryonic stem cell research? Does it matter if that life “looks” human? God’s Word is clear. Human life is precious to God at all stages. And because it is, we are called to defend and nurture it.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 1:26–28; 9:1–7; 25:20–21; Psalm 127:4–5; 139:15–16; Matthew 18:14; Mark 9:36–37


    • Identify the Current Issue

    • Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: God wants us to be blessed with children.
Teaching point two: In God’s eyes, there are no unwanted children.
Teaching point three:God is Lord of every human embryo.
    • Apply Your Findings

    • Recommended Resources


    • “Frozen Embryos: Take Responsibility,” by David Cook, Christianity Today, July 2010; “Frozen Embryos: First, Help Couples,” by Ellen Painter Dollar, Christianity Today, July 2010; “Frozen Embryos: Adopt Them,” by Ron Stoddart, Christianity Today, July 2010; “We’re Not Finished,” Stan Guthrie, Christianity Today, May 2008

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