Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity PowerPoint

Click the order button below to download this PowerPoint presentation on Gary C. Newton's book Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity. This presentation is designed to complement our Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity Bible Study Course. Each chapter below includes approximately 10 PowerPoint slides.

Chapter 1 - The Dynamics of Spiritual Growth
Discovering eight biblical principles.
Reflect on Your Spiritual Growth
8 Principles of Spiritual Growth
Chapter 2 - Becoming a Disciple of Jesus Christ
Learn what discipleship means and how to be a disciple.
Uses of the Term Disciple
Stages of Discipleship
Chapter 3 - The Church's Role in Making Disciples
Why is discipleship a collective activity?
The Holy Spirit's Role in Disciple-Making
Eight Characteristics of a Discipling Community
Chapter 4 - Feasting on the Word
Principles for respecting, understanding, and applying Scripture.
The Authority of God's Word
Three Steps of Bible Study
Steps of Interpreting Scripture
Guidelines for Interpreting Scripture
Chapter 5 - Developing Intimacy with God
Prayer is the way to learn about God.

Why Do We Pray?
7 Components of a Rich Prayer Life
Chapter 6 - Establishing a Godly Lifestyle
Principles for holy living.

Cultivate a Heart for God
Overcome Temptations
Establish Patterns of Holy Living
Chapter 7 - Fruitfulness & Reaching Others for Christ
We are all called to share Christ's love.

The Responsibility of Every Believer
The Call to All Believers
Sharing the Gospel: Steps of the Roman Road
Chapter 8 - Discovering & Using Our Spiritual Gifts
Find the joy in giving back to God.

The Purpose of God's Gifts
Understanding Our Spiritual Gifts
Find Your Spiritual Gifts
Chapter 9 - Teaching Others
Follow Jesusí example to reach those around you.

4 Types of Teaching
6 Principles of Effective Teaching
Chapter 10 - Leading Others
Great leaders begin by being great servants.

Principles of Christian Leadership
Examples of Leadership Skills
Chapter 11 - Mentoring Others
An opportunity for a rare and valuable relationship.

What is Mentoring?
Mentoring Relationships
Forms of Mentoring
Chapter 12 - Being a Lifelong Learner
Growth is an exciting and never-ending process.

Types of Learning
Whole Person Goals
Design a Learning Contract

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