Philemon: Dealing with <br>Conflict in Godís Family

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The Book of Philemon is a plea for grace. Most runaway slaves, if caught, faced harsh punishment and sometimes even death. Paul hoped Philemon would become a living illustration of the grace Onesimus had already received through Christ. Through this letter, we can learn how to show grace in our own relationships.

Session One

Work Out Conflict In Christ-Centered Community
Remember the ties that bind.
Philemon 1Ė7

Paulís letter to Philemon is a message of forgiveness, second chances, and mercy; a message about equality in Christ and the power of the gospel to transcend social boundaries; a message about grace.

Session Two

Only God Can Change Our Hearts
God is the only healer.
Philemon 8Ė20

As humans we are limited in our capacity to effect change in our relationships. We can say all the right things and model all the right perspectives, but unless God empowers the change, we may as well try to catch the wind.

Session Three

The Time to Reconcile Is Now
Bless as you have been blessed.
Philemon 17Ė25

The apostle Paul has been mediating a rift between two believers, and we find he sets a high premium on face-to-face reconciliation. The time for reconciliation is always now.

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