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This 6-session study is by Marshall Shelley, written within a year after the deaths of two of his children. During Marshall and his wife's desperate turning to Scripture, they discovered that God is trustworthy and can be counted on to treat people right. These six studies focus on six sections of the Bible that offered them fresh glimpses of how God works.

Through these 6-sessions, you'll learn that even if some of your experiences are severe, God is worthy of your trust. Also included is a foreword by J.I. Packer, an introduction to the course, suggestions for individual or group study, and Leader's Notes.

Session One

The Most Deadly Temptation
Genesis 3
It’s no coincidence that the first temptation mentioned in the Bible is the most deadly—an attempt to cast doubt on God’s goodness and trustworthiness.

Session Two

When Life Seems Unfair
Job 1-2
The story of Job is a timeless case study in the mystery of suffering and the mysterious purposes of God.

Session Three

The Source of Fairness
Job 38-42
This study looks at what happens when one man, questioning God, was confronted directly by his Creator.

Session Four

God's Criteria of Judgment
Romans 2
How often we hear someone say, “That’s not fair,” when the person really means, “I didn’t get my way.”

Session Five

Undeserved Love
Romans 5-8
If we’re going to question the unfairness of life and the difficulties God allows into our lives, we must also consider the undeserved gifts that God sends our way.

Session Six

Beyond Fairness
Philippians 2
Justice, fairness, and individual rights are important. But to God, there’s something even more important than insisting on your rights. Christ himself went beyond fairness to show us an even better way.

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