Pride & Prejudice

A retelling of Jane Austen’s romantic classic in which true love confronts pride, prejudice, and society.

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Pride & Prejudice is the story of Elizabeth Bennet, a witty, independent, and stubborn young woman who captures the attention of Mr. Darcy, a stoic, arrogant, and haughty gentleman of near-royal status. Despite an obvious attraction, the two must first overcome issues concerning their respective pride, prejudices, and class.

This study will help you discuss the deeper themes of the movie in a biblical context. What does the film say about pride and prejudice? How do those issues contribute to an understanding of class and society? Ultimately, how can love transcend differences?

Discussion Guide

    • Movie Summary

    • Discussing the Scenes

(2 Chronicles 26:16–19; Daniel 4:30–34; Matthew 5:5; 3 John 1:9–10)
(Matthew 7:1–2; John 8:15–16; 1 Corinthians 4:5; Galatians 2:6)
(Matthew 19:16–30; Romans 3:23)
    • As the Credits Roll

Based On

Pride & Prejudice (Working Title Films, 2005), directed by Joe Wright, rated PG.

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