God: The Great I Am

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Nothing can be more important to our faith than knowing who God is. The following 6-session study will help you and your group explore the nature of God's character. Examine questions like: How well do you know him? How well does he know you? Is God fair?

Week One

Knowing God Through His Names
What God invites us to call him says volumes about his relationship to us.

Week Two

Has God Played Fair?
Why did an omniscient God create humankind knowing that people, in every generation, would reject him?

Week Three

A Better Look at God's Face
The Trinity helps us connect the dots and outline the face of God eternal.

Week Four

Fear and Friendship: Two Sides of Worship
How do we balance intimacy and awe?

Week Five

Does God Know Your Next Move?
Godís freedom, our freedom, and spiritual confidence in a changing world.

Week Six

When God Says No
Making sense of unanswered prayer.

Total number of pages - 66 pages

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