Missional Evangelism: Help Others to Repent

Define sin, encourage confession, and learn to listen to help lead others to repentance and salvation.

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Repentance. Sin. Confession. Hard words, aren’t they? Most people today, both believers and unbelievers, would much rather hear words like love, peace, blessing, and prosperity. However, the doctrines of sin, repentance, and confession are foundational to the Christian faith.

A clear definition of sin is imperative in today’s morally compromised and confused society. Confession and repentance for sin are essential because they open the door to forgiveness, healing, and salvation.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE:John 3:1–21; 8:1–11; Romans 10:13–17; Galatians 6:1–10


    • Identify the Current Issue

    • Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one:Explain sin in terms an unbeliever can understand.
Teaching point two: Explain and encourage confession in terms an unbeliever can understand.
Teaching point three: Take time to listen.
    • Apply Your Findings


    • Three Ways to Bring About Repentance, by Lyle Dorsett (October 2002, 6 printed pages)

    • This study is 12 printed pages.

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