Meeting the Challenge

Philip: A man who reached across racial barriers.

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Civil-rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. was known for saying, “Eleven o’clock Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America.” For many Christians, it can be hard to reach out beyond comfort zones to embrace those who are not much like them—whether it be in race, age, or social or economic status. However, the Book of Acts features one early evangelist who reached across racial barriers to those different from himself, and had great influence. This study will look at the qualities that made Philip the Evangelist successful.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Acts 8:5–8, 26–38

PART 1: A Man's World

Discussion Starters

PART 2: A Man's Word

Teaching point one: An evangelist must be open.
Teaching point two: An evangelist must ask questions—and listen to the answers.
Teaching point three: An evangelist should be prepared.

PART 3: A Man's Work

Action Point

Additional Resources

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