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Actions speak louder than words.

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How do most non-believers view Christians today? Do they see evidence of a life that stands for something larger than the accumulation of material goods and self-fulfillment, one that has purpose, direction, and invites exploration? Or do they see nothing that makes being a Christian particularly appealing?

We live in a time when calling ourselves Christians demands not only that we privately hold to a set of beliefs, but that we live out those beliefs in such a way that others want to know what makes us different. A life that demonstrates, identifies with, and stands for the truth of the gospel, regardless of personal cost, will have a contagious effect on those who are exposed to it.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Daniel 3:830; Matthew 5:1316; Romans 12:12; James 2:1426; Hebrews 12:17


    • Identify the Current Issue

    • Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: A vibrant gospel lifestyle is one that demonstrates involvement in the lives of others.
Teaching point two: A vibrant gospel lifestyle is one that clearly identifies with Christ.
Teaching point three: A vibrant gospel lifestyle is one that is willing to pay the price to do what is right.
    • Apply Your Findings

    • Recommended Resources


    • "Singing in the Chains" by Mark Buchanan (February 2008)

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