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William Wilberforce took on the entire British Empire to fight the slave trade. Although it took most of his life, cost him great wealth, and nearly destroyed his health, he persisted until he saw success. This 6-session course looks at how a passion for social change can transform the world in which we live, as God’s power works through our availability. In looking at Wilberforce’s example, we can learn how to pick our battles, face the reality that money plays in politics, and learn how to work with others to accomplish great things.

Session 1 - A Passion for Social Change
Why is it so difficult—and so important—for Christians to work together for good?
William Wilberforce managed to bring the British slave trade to public attention and, before his death, achieve his goal: the abolition of slavery. But how was such change accomplished?

Session 2 - He Shall Overcome
How does God accomplish big things through small, weak people?
Do our imperfections get in God’s way? What should Christians do when they face opposition? Is there anything faith cannot accomplish?

Session 3 - Picking Our Battles
Is every social sin a worthy cause for Christian activism?
Do social ills matter to God? If so, are Christians called to fight them all? Or should we focus our efforts?

Session 4 - Money and Vice
Money can pull us away from God.
Though money can undoubtedly be used to further God’s kingdom, what happens when money pulls us away from God? What does the love of money do to Christians?

Session 5 - Holy Teamwork
Why is it so difficult—and important—for Christians to work together for good?
What’s so special about Christian collectives? How can very different people unite in purpose? What pitfalls must Christian groups look out for?

Session 6 - Explaining Faith with Grace
How can we be bold in our faith while still showing grace?
William Wilberforce burst onto the political scene with strong opinions about the role of Christianity in the abolition of slavery. How do we maintain a public witness to the gospel with boldness and grace?

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