The Kite Runner

A universal tale of betrayal and redemption.

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In the particular one finds the universal. In the film The Kite Runner by Golden Globe–nominated director Marc Forster, viewers are thrust into the world of 1970s Kabul, Afghanistan, in all its vibrancy and cross-cultural glory, as well as the dismal and war-torn Kabul of 2000. Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, the film is a faithful re-creation of the world and characters first envisioned by Afghan author Khaled Hosseini. The story hinges on a boyhood friendship torn asunder by an act of betrayal, which leads to one man’s journey to right the wrongs of his past.

The Kite Runner is a modern fable that explores timely issues such as how class divisions and ethnic differences affect relationships, as well as the role of religion in individual lives and society. Further, the film is shot through with timeless themes that transcend the particularity of its setting. This study is designed to help you delve into a few of these themes, such as loyalty and sacrifice vs. betrayal, telling the truth vs. keeping secrets, and sin and guilt vs. redemption.

Discussion Guide

    • Movie Summary

    • Discussing the Scenes

—Loyalty and Sacrifice vs. Betrayal
(Philippians 2:1–11; John 15:13; Matthew 6:14–15)
—Telling the Truth vs. Keeping Secrets
(Genesis 12:10–20; John 8:31–38; 1 John 4:18)
—Sin and Guilt vs. Redemption
(2 Corinthians 7:10–11; Psalm 38:3–8; Luke 19:1–9; Proverbs 11:17, 19, 21; Ephesians 1:3–8)
    • As the Credits Roll

Based On

The Kite Runner (Dreamworks, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Participant Productions, 2007), directed by Marc Forster, Rated (PG-13).

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Click to enlargeThe Kite RunnerThis Movie Discussion Guide helps viewers understand themes of betrayal and redemption against the backdrop of war-torn Kabul.

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