John Ortberg on Christmas: Video Curriculum

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Pastor John Ortberg says, “Christmas can be a complex season to navigate. There is shopping to get done . . . busyness and the running around. There are office parties, and after office parties are family gatherings, and after family gatherings are therapist appointments. Then you add our current economic uncertainty, and I wonder: What would it take for this year to be the best Christmas ever? How would we know? What is the standard?” This study, based on Ortberg’s sermon “What Christmas Love Always Does,” explores what made the first Christmas great and what can make Christmas great again. Each session begins with a video clip from Ortberg’s sermon followed by a discussion guide.

Session 1
God is Giver, Not a Taker
Don’t forget that God is generous towards you.
Video length: Approximately 8 minutes
Session 2
God Is Always a Lavish Giver
Christ is God’s most lavish gift to each of us.
Video length: Approximately 3 minutes

Session 3
It Is More Blessed to Give than to Receive
Compassion is life-giving for the receiver and the giver.
Video length: Approximately 18 minutes

Total number of pages – 15 pages

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