The Joys and Trials <br>of Grandparenting

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This 3-session study will explore the mysterious connection between grandparent and grandchild and consider how values are passed on from generation to generation. It will also investigate how to grandparent at a distance and provide help for those grandparents who find themselves as the primary caregivers for their grandchildren.

Session 1 - The Influence of a Grandparent
Only in eternity will we know how powerful our influence was.
What is the mysterious connection between grandparent and grandchild? What causes the unconditional love that is apparent in almost every grandparent/grandchild relationship?

Session 2 - Long-Distance Grandparenting
How can the special bond between grandparent and grandchild survive great distances?
In today's world, many grandchildren have never lived near their grandparents. What can grandparents do to create, cultivate, and preserve that special bond with their grandchildren?

Session 3 - Parenting Again
Many grandparents are finding themselves in this unexpected and challenging role.
According to census reports, the number of grandparents caring for their grandchildren has doubled since 1990. What changes are grandparents having to make, and how are they dealing with their new role of parenting again

Total number of pages - 22 pages

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