Isaiah: How to Stay<br>Close to God

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In his writings, Isaiah describes the deep intensity of his relationship with God. The evidence of this intensity can be seen in his spiritual discipline. With this 3-session study, learn from Isaiah and begin to enhance your own prayer life, Scripture reading, and reflection time.

Session One

Standing Small
Learn the humble prayer that bonds the Most High God to the most lowly person.
Isaiah 57:15; Matt. 6:9–13; Luke 11:2–4, 18:10–14; Psalm 51

This study will help you stay in touch with God by practicing humble prayer wherever you are.

Session Two

Reading with Your Ears
How to listen to God in the reading of Scripture.
Isaiah 8:19–22; Luke 10:30–37

This study will help you seek guidance at an infallible source: God’s Word.

Session Three

Looking Back into the Future
How the daily practice of reflection can help you walkmore closely with God.
Isaiah 46:9–10

This study looks into the spiritual discipline of journaling more closely.

Total number of pages - 21 pages

This Study Through the Bible Course is based on a Series Builder by Bill White.

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