Hotel Rwanda

This dramatic film tells the real-life story of one man’s struggle to survive and save others during the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

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Hotel Rwanda recounts the true story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager in the Rwandan capital of Kigali, during the climax of that nation’s 1994 civil war and large-scale massacre. When chaos descends on his family and hotel, Rusesabagina tries in vain to secure some sense of normalcy to his life. But the gravity of the situation prods him to seek untapped reservoirs of courage and risk his life for others.

This study guide will help you discuss the deep themes in Hotel Rwanda. What does the movie convey about the dignity and worth of each human life? What does this film say about the nature of evil? How do the characters summon courage in the midst of crisis?

Discussion Guide

    • Movie Summary

    • Discussing the Scenes *Bonus Material: DVD Scenes to Watch*

—Dignity of Human Life
(Genesis 1:26–27; Mark 12:31; Galatians 5:14; Galatians 3:28–29; Matthew 5:38–42)
—Nature of Evil
(Genesis 3:1–7; Romans 5:12–14; Exodus 32:19–24)
—Origin of Courage
(Esther 4:13–14, 1 Samuel 17)
    • As the Credits Roll

Based On

Hotel Rwanda (United Artists, 2004), directed by Terry George, screenplay by Terry George and Keir Pearson, rated PG-13 for violence and brief, strong language.

Photo © Copyright United Artists

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