Grace Connects<br>Men and Women

How can an ancient biblical concept—grace—transform marriage in the information age?

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Forget Mars and Venus. Author Rhonda Rhea finds that men are computers, always processing data but not always giving feedback, while women are cell phones, forever seeking to give someone an earful of information. With such different communication modes, it’s not surprising that husbands and wives often fail to connect. The solution is not more gadgets, but supernatural assistance from the one who created men, women, and the marriage bond between them. The universal language linking human computers and cell phones is grace.

What is grace? Where does it come from? What does it add to a marriage? These are the questions we’ll be asking and discussing in this study.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: John 1:14–16; 2 Corinthians 12:7–10; Colossians 3:12–17; James 1:17; 4:1–10; 1 Peter 4:8–11


    • Identify the Current Issue

    • Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: Grace comes from God.
Teaching point two: You cannot give what you do not have.
Teaching point three: Giving grace is a blessing in itself.
    • Apply Your Findings

    • Additional Resources


    • Men Are Computers, Women Are Cell Phones, by Rhonda Rhea (Winter 2003, 4 printed pages)

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