Genetic Testing: How Far Is Too Far?

Looking for the balance between guarding life and using biotechnology to make our lives better

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Cloning, gene therapy, stem cell research, and other uses of biotechnology raise new and important questions for society. What insights and values do Christians bring to these questions? This study explores recent scientific advances and helps Christians think biblically about the proper and improper ways they might be applied.

Table of Contents


    • Identify the Current Issue

    • Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: Following the example and command of Jesus, Christians are to bring healing.
Teaching point two: Not every human endeavor is approved by God.
Teaching point three: Though for the Christian it may be generally true that "everything is permissible," not everything is beneficial or constructive.
Teaching point four: Though God blesses efforts to mitigate the effects of sin, humans will never remove all suffering and death.
    • Apply Your Findings



    • “The Lab Rat of the 21st Century,” interview by Alicia Cohn,

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