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Love movies based on historical events? Then you will love discussing these movies based on the battle of the Alamo, the U.S.'s history of slavery, and World War II.

Session 1 - The Alamo
The Alamo depicts the 1836 13-day standoff between Texans and the Mexican army of Santa Anna. Discuss what this film demonstrates above all: the power of conviction.

Session 2 - Amistad
This film is a sometimes harrowing, ultimately uplifting account of an uprising of African prisoners on a Cuban slave ship, and the dramatic trial which affected the plight of slaves throughout America in the years leading up to the Civil War.

Session 3 - Saving Private Ryan
During World War II, eight American GIs fight their way through D-Day carnage to find a private who lost his three brothers in combat. Examine how it's possible for anyone to maintain mercy and decency when evil abounds.

Session 4 - Schindler's List
Look at this dramatic movie’s themes of rampant evil, the character of heroism, the quandary of human suffering, and salvation with this discussion guide.

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