Faithful to the End

Stephen: Faith that leads to courage.

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Martyr. The word causes a strong reaction, doesn’t it? Not martyr as in your perpetually sighing Aunt “That’s-My-Cross-to-Bear” Vickie, but those flesh and blood martyrs who stand as stark icons against which we measure our faith. When we read a book or watch a film in which someone has lost his or her life for the sake of Christ, we are moved to wonder: “Could I withstand that? Is my faith strong enough? Have I taken the easy route?” This study will explore the brief yet remarkable account of Stephen, the first Christian martyr. His life stands as testimony that true faith leads to godly courage.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Acts 6:1–8:3; 20:19–21


    • A Man's World: Discussion Starters

—What examples of courageous faithfulness have you witnessed?

—What comes to mind when you hear the word martyr?
    • A Man's Word
—Teaching point one: Faith gives courage to be Spirit-filled.

—Teaching point two: Faith gives courage to be a servant.

—Teaching point three: Faith gives courage to be one who speaks up.

—Teaching point four: Faith gives courage to be sacrificial.

    • A Man's Work: Action Point

—Set aside time to take stock of your faith using the observations from Stephen’s life: Am I filled with the Spirit? Have I been living as a servant? Do I speak up for the sake of Christ and his kingdom? Have I been living sacrificially?

Approximate time to complete: up to 45-60 minutes

Total number of pages - 9 pages

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