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Click on the order button below to download all 6 of these Movie Discussion Guides as a ZIP or EXE file. These studies are created for personal or group use and are perfect for your next church film festival (instructions included with order).

Also, be sure to see our Family Fun Movie Discussion Guide.

Use these discussion guides with your family or youth ministry to engage and challenge young children to get more from their movie-watching experience. These discussion guides are based on some classic and some new films and include fun activities to enhance the learning process.

Session 1 - The Ten Commandments
Moses and the Hebrews journey from slavery to freedom and learn Godís law on the way. Discuss with your children the themes of freedom, slavery, and Godís will and law.

Session 2 - Chariots of Fire
Your family can discuss some of the major themes of Chariots of Fire with this guide. How can people glorify God by using their abilities? How does God honor those who honor him? How are our lives of faith like a race?

Session 3 - Ben-Hur
This movie is a thrilling spectacle about a man ravaged by betrayal, gripped by vengeance, and restored by Christ. How does forgiveness succeed when vengeance fails? How can we wait for God with faith and hope? What is it like to encounter Jesus?

Session 4 - Rabbit-Proof Fence
This is the real-life story of three Aborigine girls who walk 1,200 miles to return to their home after they are forcibly taken away. What is bigotry, and why does it exist? What is it like to be a stranger in a strange land? How can we help strangers?

Session 5 - Radio
This movie dramatically demonstrates the power of one life, even a life that is not considered valuable by some. What lessons can we learn about forgiveness and making amends? How is generosity illustrated? How can we better understand kindness?

Session 6 - It's a Wonderful Life
This Hollywood classic illustrates how one manís integrity and selflessness influence an entire community of people. What is the value of a human life? How much influence does one person have?

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