Exegesis and Hermeneutics <br> for Small Groups

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Exegesis and hermeneutics are terms often found only in seminary textbooks. Many Christians have never even heard these words. But they are vital principles for understanding the Bible, because they concern how we interpret the Scriptures. The fact is, we all interpret the Bible every time we read it, so we need to have some principles to rely on so that we're interpreting it correctly.

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Interpreting the Bible
Five keys to doing biblical exegesis together
by Scott Boren

An Overview on Hermeneutics
How to help your group interpret Scripture accurately
by Andrew Wheeler

Common Mistakes in Interpreting the Bible
How to avoid these errors in your small group
by Trevor Lee

How to Read the Bible Well
New strategies for interpreting Scripture turn out to be not so new.
by J. Todd Billings

How-To Information: An Ancient Bible Study Method for Today's Small Group
A creative way for your small group to connect to God's story
by Tom Bandy

How to Apply Scripture in Your Small Group
A proven, step-by-step plan to make your group's Bible study count
by Mark Ingmire

What Do We Bring to the Bible?
Uncover your presuppositions to unlock a new way of understanding.
by Brandon O'Brien


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