Ethics Examined

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Think about the difference between right and wrong with these movies. What place is there in our lives for revenge? Control? Crime? Discrimination?

Session 1 - Changing Lanes
What are the consequences of acting out of retaliation rather than patience? How does our integrity, or lack thereof, reap consequences for us and those around us?

Session 2 - Hotel Rwanda
This film tells the real-life story of one manís struggle to survive and save others during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. What does the movie convey about the worth of each human life? What does it say about the nature of evil?

Session 3 - Godsend
Could the option of resurrecting a lost loved one become an actual temptation? How do these issues play out for Christians who believe God created us in his image? Why are bio-future thrillers so compelling?

Session 4 - Ladykillers
How does this dark comedy about character, justice, and the good life portray Christianity? What does it say about the way God intervenes in our lives?

Session 5 - Crash
This Best Picture Oscar winner takes us into modern-day Los Angeles, dramatizing the intersections of several charactersí lives over three days. It reminds us of how racism, anger, and the struggle to achieve security in life can taint our interactions with one another.

Session 6 - The Village
Discuss the themes in this especially poignant film for the church community. What is the role of authority, and is pragmatism justified? How do people of principle interact with a corrupt world? Can we regain innocence in a sinful world? Can love conquer all?

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