Encouragement for <br>Caregivers

Save! Click on the order button below to download all 3-sessions in this Encouragement for Caregivers Bible Study as a Microsoft Word file. Designed for people who are taking care of elderly parents or ill family members, these studies give Biblical encouragement and can be used for personal or group use.

Providing care for the elderly or disabled can be a lonely, all-consuming job. This 3-session study will explore how we can honor our parents by showing them care, how caregiving can be a way to express Godís love, and how to find joy in our caregiving responsibilities. We hope this study will give hope and encouragement to those who serve God in this way.

Session 1 - Honoring Parents by Caring for Them
Providing care for an ill or aging parent is part of the fifth commandment.
What does God require of adult children when he commands us to honor our parents? How is caregiving an expression of that honor? How do we honor parents who may not deserve it? These are the questions weíll be discussing in this study.

Session 2 - Sharing Godís Love Through Caregiving
Why compassionate caregiving is more than a duty.
Caregiving is one of the most basic tasks of life. How is caregiving a means of serving God? Why would we want to voluntarily take on this kind of responsibility? How can we cope effectively with the gradual decline of our loved one?

Session 3 - Finding Joy in Caregiving
Behind the burdens lie many blessings.
Providing ongoing care for a spouse or parent who is frail or ill is hard work. Too often it can seem burdensome and, over time, may lead to physical and emotional burnout. How do care providers prepare their heart and mind for the rigors of caregiving? What types of blessing can be found through the caregiving process?

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies for use in your local church.

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