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Digging into Godís Word with others is an important part of our faith journey. Together we can interpret, learn from, and hold one another accountable to Scripture. But discussing doctrine and theology can bet a little tricky, especially when a few group members have strong opinions.

This Spiritual Formation Booklet will give you great tips for leading these sometimes touchy discussions. Plus, weíve included eight doctrinal guides to give you cheat sheets when it comes to what the Bible says and the common ways people interpret it.

When Discussion Gets Tricky
by Amy Jackson

Leaderís Guide
How to use "Discussing Doctrine and Theolog" for a group study.

Tips for Facilitating Discussion

How to Lead Group Discussion
Follow these basic principles to start and maintain a productive conversation.
by JoHannah Reardon

Handling Theological Conflicts in a Small Group
Five approaches that will help you and your group deal with doctrinal strife
by Joel Comiskey

Essential Characteristics of a Small-Group Facilitator
Qualities to look for in the people facilitating small-group discussions
by Reid Smith

Why We Donít Know All the Answers
Why God doesnít always speak in crystal-clear commands
by Philip Yancey

Doctrinal Guides

Introduction to Christian Doctrine
A starting point for what theology is and why we should study it
by Heather Zempel

The Doctrine of the Bible
Understand what Godís Word is and how it affects our lives.
by Heather Zempel

The Doctrine of God
Understanding the central qualities and doctrines of the Almighty
by Heather Zempel

The Doctrine of Man
What the Bible says about the station and purpose of human beings
by Heather Zempel

The Doctrine of Christ and Salvation
Explore two central elements of the Christian faith.
by Heather Zempel

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Understanding the work and gifs of the Counselor
by Heather Zempel

The Doctrine of the Church
What it really means to be part of the Body of Christ
by Heather Zempel

The Doctrine of the Future
A broad look at what happens next and why itís important
by Heather Zempel

Total number of pages - 80 pages

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