Cultivating Friendships

What does biblical friendship look like?

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Developing and sustaining friendships takes effort and commitment, especially when you’re new to the area. In her article on cultivating friendships after a move, author Cindy Crosby provides practical suggestions for starting up new friendships and keeping in touch with old friends, no matter the distance. She suggests, both directly and indirectly, that the time and effort necessary to establish and maintain friendships is worth the investment.This study asks: What is the value of friendship? What can be learned from biblical examples of friendship? What is the cost of isolating yourself from others? What do we learn about God through friendship? What does the world see in our friendships?

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Ruth 1; 1 Samuel 18:1–4, 1 Samuel 20; John 13:1–17, 17:20–26; 1 John 3:11–24, 4:7–21


    • Identify the Current Issue

    • Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: Christ models friendship for us in his relationship with his disciples.
Teaching point two: How we treat our friends is both a barometer of our spiritual development and a place where God can reveal his glory.
Teaching point three: Self-denial, loyalty, and unity of spirit are three qualities of true biblical friendship.
Teaching point four: God intends for our friendships to be a witness to unbelievers, demonstrating the character and love of God.
    • Apply Your Findings

    • Additional Resources


    • New Girl in Town, by Cindy Crosby (January/February 2002, 12 printed pages)

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