Combat Sex Trafficking: <br>It's Everyone's Cause

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TCW has decided to take on one topic this year: sex trafficking. We'll educate you about the startling statistics as well as the courageous women combating this evil. This resource will encourage you to open your eyes, hearts, and hands to victims of this horrific abuse.

Article One

Introduction: When Mary Disappeared
Our responsibility as Christians to raise arms against evils such as sex trafficking is growing.
By Phyllis Ten Elshof

Article Two

Leader’s Guide
How to use “Combat Sex Trafficking” for a group study.

Article Three

The Hidden Slavery
Each year, millions of women and children are forced into sex slavery. You may pass some of these victims on the streets.
By Wendy Murray with contributing writer Susan George

Article Four

Bondage Breaking Bill
Recent bill fortifies fight against sex and labor trafficking.
By Sheryl Henderson Blunt

Article Five

Taking on a Giant
When popular singer Natalie Grant stumbled across the tragedy of child sex trafficking in South Asia, she knew she had to do something.
By Natalie Grant as told to Melissa Riddle

Article Six

Rescued from Prostitution
An interview with a sex trafficking survivor.
By Wendy Murray

Article Seven

Confronting Moral Horror
It’s a witness even the most jaded find impressive.
By Charles Colson with Anne Morse

Article Eight

Child Sex Tours
The average victim is fourteen, and Americans make up 25 percent of the customers.
By Dawn Herzog Jewell

Article Nine

Red-Light Rescue
Helping the sexually exploited help themselves.
By Dawn Herzog Jewell

Article Ten

Agent of Change
Why former U.S. Congresswoman Linda Smith is compelled to combat sexual slavery, one young woman at a time.
By Jane Johnson Struck

Additional Resources: Books, websites and organizations to help you combat sex trafficking.

Total number of pages - 40 pages

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PDF File
Please note that while this downloadable resource includes a Leader's Guide and discussion questions, it is not a verse-driven Bible study like most resources from this site. As a collection of articles, its purpose is to inform and inspire individuals and groups alike through a Christian perspective about this horrific abuse.


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