Church and State: Keep Them Separate

We must keep church and state separate—for the sake of the church.

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The simple phrase "separation of church and state" is enough to get some people riled up, especially in the context of our public schools. None of us wants the government interfering with our—or our children's—religious rights. And yet many seem to want the government to not only allow us to exercise those rights, but to essentially endorse them—because we are, after all, "a Christian nation," or at least should be. In this article, Stephen L. Carter argues that, as believers, we should embrace the separation of church and state. This Bible study takes a closer look at Carter's argument and some of its implications.

Table of Contents


    • Identify the Current Issue

    • Discover the Eternal Principles

Teaching point one: Is separation of church and state biblical?
Teaching point two: Whose responsibility is it to educate our children?
    • Apply Your Findings



    • Uncle Sam Is Not Your Dad, by Stephen L. Carter (May 21, 2002, p. 68)

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