Best Picture Winners

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Explore the significance of these 5 Best Picture winners. What can we learn about God from these amazing stories told with breath-taking cinema?

Session 1 - Crash
A drama depicting a communityís true-to-life struggle with racism, alienation, and rage.

Session 2 - Million Dollar Baby
A drama about a boxing coach struggling to maintain his faith in a God who does not seem to answer his prayers, and a young woman who boxes as a way of overcoming her wounded past.

Session 3 - Gladiator
This epic film set in the second-century Roman Empire follows a generalís fall from power and subsequent struggle for revenge against a treacherous Caesar.

Session 4 - A Beautiful Mind
An Oscar-winning drama about love, ambition, and paranoia.

Session 5 - Schindler's List
A drama about the abuse of power, the horror of unbridled evil, and the difference one man can make.

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