Answering the Tough Questions

Increasing your Bible knowledge is the best way to have a ready answer.

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The Bible is accessible to all who know Jesus Christ as Savior. With study and prayer, every Christian can read the Bible and understand the truths it contains. This is vital for a credible witness to others, for we need to be able to answer the tough questions about our faith. This study will help you move from a point of knowing the truth in your heart to explaining that truth to others.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: 1 Peter 3:15


    • Part 1: A Path to Biblical Knowledge

— Write a personal commentary on a Christian statement of faith.
— Resist the temptation to let devotions replace Bible study.
— Consider themed Bible studies.
— Read the classics, which have stood the test of time.
— Anticipate the questions you may be asked.
    • Part 2: Application

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